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Hilton's Betting and Gaming division also operates:
- Over 250 off- course betting outlets in Belgium.
- Ladbrokes (UK and Ireland's largest off-track bookmaker with 2000 high street Ladbrokes shops)

Ladbrokes is part of Ladbrokes Limited, the betting and gaming division of Hilton Group plc, the world's premier international hotel brand.

No name delivers you greater reassurance than Ladbrokes.
Ladbrokes is also influencing the guidelines to promote higher standards for consumers.
Ladbrokes has led the way in not only meeting the most stringent licensing criteria for these various legal jurisdictions, but


B ecause Ladbrokes is brought to you by Ladbrokes Limited, the world's largest bookmaker and one of the two major divisions of Hilton Group, you can be sure that your account will be handled with complete security, discretion and integrity. Betting wigth Ladbrokes , everything you need in one place, with just one account from a company you can trust ladbrokes brings you the full spectrum of the exciting world of betting and gaming in Ladbrokes, using a single Ladbrokes account.


Ladbrokes believes in responsible gambling. Gambling should be an exciting pastime, and we urge our customers to have fun, but not bet beyond their means. We work closely with Gamcare to ensure that this site protects those who are vulnerable to problem gambling.


Ladbrokes invests heavily in recruiting and developing the very best staff.
The world of betting and gaming with Ladbrokes is not only an exciting one for people who enjoy gambling, it's also very exciting and challenging for us!
Ladbrokes aim is to ensure that this dedication and commitment to the very best customer standards is delivered and clearly communicated to Ladbrokes customers.


Look out for the Ladbrokes "Bet Help" link which gives you simple instructions on how to complete a bet, specific to the Ladbroes page you're on.
Betting with Ladbrokes is simple. We've designed it to make finding your way around Ladbrokes easy and quick, and to provide you with help when you need it. We'll be adding more and more features to make betting easier and more enjoyable - look out for "Right Now!" on the Ladbrokes home page which gives quick links to bets which are coming up.


Ladbrokes Betting statements are sent every two weeks detailing your bets and your current deposit account balance. You can withdraw funds from your account whenever you wish.
Open a deposit account with Ladbrokes using either your credit card, UK debit card, by arranging a bank transfer or by sending a cheque.
Alternatively, why not consider applying for a Ladbrokes credit betting account.
Statements are sent to you every two weeks and payment is expected within two weeks of the statement date. Of course, if you are winning, a Ladbrokes cheque will accompany your statement.
You will need to send us a completed application form and we will send you your Ladborkes account details and your credit limit.


Your account in Ladbrokes is completely flexible - you can deposit or withdraw funds at any time, completely free of charge!
Unlike some betting and gaming companies, Ladbrokes does not charge a fee for credit card transactions.
In Ladbrokes we accept all major debit and credit cards, including MasterCard and Visa, in all major currencies and also accept payments through PayBox, Western Union and by internet bank transfer.

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