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Sportingodds is a pioneer and has helped create a new industry. In just five years, Sportingodds has grown to become a £1.2 billion turnover business.
Sportingodds is based in London and is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market (LSE: SBT). Sportingodds Plc, the world's largest online betting and gaming group.

Overall, Sportingodds has over 2.5 million registered customers in 200 countries, who place over 1,000,000 bets (casino, poker, sports and virtual games) per day.
Sportingodds has a strong presence in three global regions, operating in three different time zones and is profitable in each: the US, Europe and Australia.. Total bet volumes show the Sportingodds now takes 14 bets per second and deals over a million games of poker everyday on the Paradise Poker site.


As a gaming industry leader, Sportingodds is a regulated, public company that plays by the rules and has a series of declared consumer protection policies; it proactively argues for regulation and transparency.


Sportingodds reached critical mass through a series of strategic acquisitions including Betmaker (North America) in May 2000, the Number One Betting Shop (Australia) in March 2001, and Sportingodds Odds in July 2002 (UK).
Sportingodds was founded by Mark Blandford, Executive Director, in 1998 and was listed on the LSE in January 2001.

A key to Sportingodds ' success has been its branding strategy: the ability to meet local market needs by developing strong local brands combined with the power and reach of global gaming brands such as
The success of Sportingodds is based on the strength of the management, a clear strategy, innovative product development and excellent marketing. Recent financial results (Q3,2005) have demonstrated Sportingodds is now beginning to scale well, with significant increases in turnover and a stable fixed cost base delivering strong profit growth.

The acquisition of Paradise poker .com in October 2004 positioned Sportingodds as a powerful force within the global gaming industry.
It has also shown strong organic growth in all three of Sportingodds 's operating regions. This has been recognised over the last two years by eGaming Review's "Power 50" report which ranked Sportingodds as the most powerful global player in the industry.

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